Help for Parents

To existing and prospective parents/carers, we would like to wish you the warmest of welcomes.

We promote a consistently warm, caring and nurturing approach to childcare across all our sites. Our Regent and Bilton sites both offer care for babies from 6 weeks, and all nurseries offer funded places for children from as young as 2 years.

Our varied and experienced team would be more than happy to talk through childcare options either over the phone or in person, please just contact your preferred nursery. Please take a look at our Facebook page for frequent updates of what the children are up to, and feel free to browse our reviews ! For existing parents don’t forget that the ParentZone app is available as part of our All-inclusive service.

Free ‘Settling in’

New children are all offered free ‘settling in’ sessions at their nursery, so they can gradually get more familiar with the environment. Please discuss this with a member of staff so that we can work around any work/travel commitments you might have.

Welcoming Cultural Diversity

We are a very inclusive group, with children from many different nationalities and cultures. Multi-lingual resources include dual language story books and signage on toys & equipment in multiple languages. Across the group staff are keen to celebrate festivals and events that are important to our children. For example, our children have learned about events such as Remembrance Day, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

Active in the Community

Across the group we work very hard to ensure the children get to experience different aspects of the local community.

  • Children from each nursery designed their own decorations for a Christmas tree as part of a charity event hosted by the local church
  • We have a close relationship with Drover’s House, a local care home and children from all rooms at our Regent site all have the chance to visit
  • Our nurseries often enter the Rugby in Bloom competition, with Regent winning gold and Bilton winning platinum awards in 2019 !
  • We are undefeated champions of the local Pancake Race !
  • We often invite parents and carers to attend the nursery and have celebrated Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Sports Day and would always welcome parents to have a ‘hands-on’ involvement which might to be reading a story or sharing something special about their background, heritage, hobbies or work.

Safety and Welfare

The safety and welfare of each child is paramount at Wellingtons but you won’t see children ‘wrapped in cotton wool’. The best way for children to stay safe is for them to be supported by practitioners to develop independence and risk awareness skills. Effective balancing of challenge with risk creates exciting environments for children to be nurtured.

Special Needs

All children are unique and require differing support and care through their early years. Where a child comes to us with an extra need, or a need has been identified whilst with us, we will work with you and other professionals to ensure that our nursery can meet that child’s needs ensuring that they have every opportunity to fulfil their potential.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2012) is the statutory framework for setting standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. Our carefully planned activities track the EYFS framework making sure play is educational, fun, and where possible, ‘hands-on’ and messy ! To find out more about how your child’s learning and developing in relation to the EYFS please browse the following;

Policies and Procedures

Wellingtons maintain very high standards and have implemented numerous nursery policies ensuring your children are safe and secure during their time with us. However, if you have an area of concern with regards to a particular aspect of your child’s care, please contact us directly as we very keen to address any issue and hopefully put your mind at rest.

(Parents are most welcome to contact us directly for a parental password in order to access the policy content on the link below).