Our Testimonials

Some of our Very Special Parent Testimonials

“My daughter started at the Pavilions Nursery in Easter. She always tells us she loves it. She is so happy and settled here. All staff absolutely love my daughter and cannot do enough for her and us as parents. A big thank you to you all xx”

“Both my boys have gone all through Bilton Wellingtons. It’s absolutely brilliant. Our youngest is due to start school in September but keeps saying “no, that’s ok. I think I will stay at Wellingtons.” Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“All I ever wanted was to find somewhere Charlie enjoyed going and thrived at and I finally found it with yourselves! He has come on so much since being at your Bilton nursery and he loves going there. A huge thanks to all the staff there you brought him out of his shell, highly highly recommended.”

“Absolutely fantastic. When I chose Regent nursery it was my biggest hope that my child would be cared for. What I’ve got is so much more than that – the girls in the baby room are brilliant. My little girl is happy at the end of each day and her development has come on so much since starting too. They have taken the time to really get to know my daughter and it shows. I couldn’t ask for a better environment and I go to work knowing my daughter is safe, happy, learning and probably causing a little bit of chaos too.”

“Today is my son’s last day Wellingtons Regent & we’re both devastated. From our first look around we fell in love & these past few years have been an absolute pleasure. It’s honestly like leaving my child with family, the love & compassion runs amazingly alongside the incredible guidance from a baby to big boy who’s about to start school. Thank you so much to everyone at Wellingtons, we’ll forever keep you in our hearts.”

“Today is an emotional day. Today is the day my child leaves the nursery she grown up at for the past 4 years. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and guidance. Thank you for rocking my tiny baby to sleep, comforting her when she was cutting teeth and for changing the never ending mountain of nappies. Thank you for rubbing her scuffed knees, wiping a runny nose, drying her tears, and giving cuddles when she needed them. Thank you for encouraging her to explore her environment and for showing her she can do anything she puts her mind to.”

“Thank you for understanding her fears and anxieties, for being patient when she was toilet training, and for teaching her to draw, to write her name, to know her letters, numbers, colours and shapes. Thank you for showing her how diverse and wonderful other people and the world around her can be, and how to play and share with other children. Thank you for helping her to express herself and allowing her to feel safe in your care. Thank you for encouraging her imagination, I know how magical it can be, and for letting it grow with her.”

“Thank you for always making me feel like I was a part of her day, even when I had to work. For never judging me as a parent and always letting me be involved in her development while with you. Lastly, thank you for allowing her to be the wild, free spirited, fun loving, sassy little monkey she is, and for loving and adoring her as much as I do. I know it feels like you just go to work, play alongside and care for the children at the nursery, but you do so much more than that. You are instrumental in every single child’s life and as a mother, I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to you all xxx”